Mx Chris has identified as OtherWise since that term was given to them on a sacred mountain in 1998. Finding words to explain an OtherWise orientation has taken much longer — a process that is still very much in progress.

OtherWise is a sacred site. OtherWise is a lineage of teachers, ancestors, and communities caught in between. OtherWise is being honest about and accountable to those who have been lost or who are lingering. OtherWise is about listening.

OtherWise is a LifeStance of letting go of fitting into binary structures such as male/female, inside/outside, living/dead. OtherWise is boundary walking. OtherWise is an unfolding process of seeking connection, but not necessarily control. OtherWise is an animist and non-theistic perspective on the fullness of All that Is. OtherWise is resistance.

No one can be OtherWise alone or in their head. It is the voices of OtherWise from that sacred mountain; it is the varied invitations through the many years since that continue to beckon Mx Chris forward to prioritize authenticity and relationship beyond any particular dogma. This, too, is OtherWise.

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