Mx Chris Paige uses they or zey pronouns, though some of their older writing may have other identifying features.

Mx Chris Paige is a child of some movements and an elder of others, making a habit out of engaging boundary spaces, growing edges, and in between zones. Mx Chris identifies as OtherWise, which speaks to their experience of gender and spirituality, as well as many other transformational impulses.

While they have sufficient educational and liturgical credentials to hold their own as an organizer with and among clergy and Ph.D.’s, Mx Chris is not a Christian clergy person, pastor, or priest. Mx Chris has an irregular calling and identifies as Irreverend.

Chris is perhaps most well known for historic leadership in LGBT+ Christian movements, though they no longer identify as Christian nor feel productively engaged by most LGBT+ structures.

They have been involved in non-profit management for more than 20 years in a variety of roles from executive or board member to communications and website development to volunteer activist and organizer. In addition to continued service with Transfaith, Mx Chris also accepts invitations to support individuals and projects as a coach or consultant through OtherWise Engaged (4U).

Mx. Chris lives in New Jersey, but maintains strong affinity and active relationships developed over more than 20 years in nearby Philadephia.

They are blessed to parent an extraordinarily wise tween who has often prevented Mx. Chris from giving up on a world that often seems ill-equipped to embrace OtherWise.