Mx Chris brings years of experience in grassroots transgender education. However, their graduate work at Drew University is increasingly shaping their work toward teaching spiritual care providers. In addition to popular stand-alone presentations and custom facilitation, Mx Chris can also be engaged to support curricular work in more formal settings by providing lecture and class conversation (including advance readings and audio/video resources) around particular themes. They are especially interested in working with classes focused on pastoral and spiritual care.

Several guest lectures and course designs are in development around research themes of transgender and intersex spiritual care.

Introductory Encounters

  • From Confusion to Confidence: A “Choose Your Own Adventure” Guide to Gender in the 21st Century with Mx Chris Paige (adaptable, 30-90 minute session)

Online Courses

  • The OtherWise Academy
    • The Transfaith for Allies Certificate (4 course progression, free, on demand) [Learn More]
    • The OtherWise Spiritual Care Certificate (5 course progression)


  • Transgender Resilience and Religiosity (exploring multiple religious practices and the reconstruction of religious identity)
  • Religion and Intersex Health (drawing on the first survey of intersex health and the testimonies of intersex Christians)
  • Understanding Predominantly-White Congregations as a Multi-Cultural Context for Spiritual Care
  • Intersectional Identities, Alternate Genders, and the Biblical Testimony of Eunuchs (using the section on eunuchs from OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation)
  • Understanding Intersectional Violence: Spiritual Care for Black Transgender Women in the U.S. (looking at survival economies, anti-transgender violence, and the implications for spiritual care)

Note: While Mx Chris is white, transgender, and non-binary and speaks from that lived experience, they can also facilitate guest appearances by intersex, transgender, and two spirit colleagues where time and resources allow.


  • Case Studies in Transgender and Intersex Spiritual Care (semester course or two week intensive)
  • Visibility, Viability, and Vitality: Practical Advice for Transgender Allies (core curriculum with the Rev. Louis Mitchell)