After many years of working primarily behind the scenes, Mx Chris has embraced a vocation as author/editor/publisher and launched OtherWise Engaged Publishing to foster prophetic transgender and intersex voices. [Learn More]

OtherWise Christian series (and blog) [Learn More]

  • OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation (2019) [Learn More]
  • OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance (2020) [Learn More]

OtherWise Reflection Guides [Learn More]

  • Christian Faith and Gender Identity (2019) [Learn More]
  • In Remembrance of Me: Bearing Witness to Transgender Tragedy (2020) [Learn More]

Additional OtherWise Engaged publications

  • From Christendom to Freedom: Journey-Making with a Black Transgender Elder by Jonathon Thunderword (2020) [Learn More]

OtherWise (re)Presents (ancillary imprint) [Learn More]

Mx Chris is also available for books talks and conversations about independent publishing.

Mx Chris is accepting new projects. They are also flexible to work as a writer or independent publishing and editorial consultant in support of projects being managed by others. Please inquire to see if they might be a good match for your needs.