Mx Chris at MCC San Francisco with some Buddhist Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Ready-Made Presentations

Mx Chris is glad to customize content for your setting, but here are a few popular presentations that you can request. See also options for more formal teaching.

Composting Christianity

After a year of integrating Animist, Christian, and Religious Naturalist perspectives in graduate school course work, Mx Chris offered this sermon about composting as both a literal and figurative spiritual practice connected to the four elements (water, air, earth, and fire). Format: Sermon

What Is This?

“What Is This?” was originally a lectionary-based sermon using Exodus 16 alongside personal anecdotes from Mx Chris with the goal of shining a light on non-binary gender. It inspired a song (“God Is Still Creating”) by Pax Ressler and has already traveled to several congregations as a convenient way to integrate gender diversity into a congregational worship setting. Format: Sermon.

Three V’s of Transgender Inclusion

The three V’s were developed by the staff of Transfaith and provide a framework that helps allies to move beyond Transgender 101 conversations into active and appropriate relationship with transgender communities. These principles are used to fuel interactive workshops as well as extended coaching and consultation experiences, focused on moving into identifying next steps for action. Format: Interactive Workshop or Personal Coaching.

An Introduction to Intersex Spiritual Care

This presentation began as a seminary paper on “Religion and Intersex Health.” It emphasizes the first-person testimonies of intersex authors (especially OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance) and integrates some basic ideas about pastoral and spiritual care, as well as results from the first survey of intersex health. In a classroom setting, personal testimonies and video excerpts can be used in advance to prepare for class discussion. For a more personal and in-depth encounter, Mx Chris can team up with intersex colleagues. Format: Classroom or Workshop.

Transgender and the Christian Bible

Drawing on Mx Chris’s OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation, this is a great introduction to reading the Christian Bible with a transgender-affirming lens. The workshop is even more dynamic when Hebrew scholar and Jewish colleague Liam Hooper is invited to join in the conversation. This session can be a great resource for transgender support groups and congregations who are launching new initiatives around transgender inclusion. Format: Workshop.

Transgender Liberation: Intersectional Identities, Alternate Genders, and the Biblical Testimony of Eunuchs

This presentation was designed as a Saturday morning classroom-style encounter focused on Section 4 of OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation (titled “Eunuchs, Eunuchs, and more Eunuchs”). Mx Chris invites participants to explore several key “eunuch” passages from Hebrew and Greek scripture which open up conversation variously about race, class, gender, decolonization, and Christian anti-Semitism. Format: Interactive Lecture or Extended Workshop.