From Confusion to Confidence

A “Choose Your Own Adventure”* Guide to Gender in the 21st Century with Mx Chris Paige

30 to 90 minute session

This experience is designed to be a highly adaptable, introductory, interdisciplinary, interactive experience to metaphorically “open doors and windows” toward more in-depth and less anxious conversations about gender in the 21st century. It can be deployed as

  • an Ethics Committee educational session
  • a Clinical Pastoral Education didactic,
  • a Board of Directors orientation to issues of gender,
  • or as some other kind of faculty, staff, volunteer, or student training experience.

More time allows us to air more feelings (incl. anxieties, curiosities, internal conflicts) and go deeper as we hear what questions and concerns are most alive in the room, but the framing is the same.

Mx Chris Paige is an openly nonbinary and transgender chaplain educator with more than two decades of grassroots experience in transgender religious organizing. They are doing advanced work in clinical pastoral education and medical humanities and will be prepared to engage briefly in a variety of “Choose Your Own Adventure”* topics, depending on the needs of the group as they emerge in conversation.

Some of what typically occurs in these unscripted conversations will feel like traditional education with theoretical scaffolding provided, while other parts of the encounter may be more of a “holy disruption” as we explore assumptions, anxieties, and personal experience in our responses to one another. This experience also functions as an assessment which can lead to follow-up sessions as appropriate to your setting and needs.

Please inquire for more information and availability. Mx Chris is based in central New Jersey /Eastern time zone and available by Zoom.

*Inspired by but neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the Bantam Books/Random House/Chooseco “Choose Your Own Adventure” brand, which I grew up on!

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