Land Acknowledgement

I am U.S. citizen of Dutch and French-Canadian descent, who has spent more than half my life living as a resident-guest in the watershed of the Lenape Sipu—renamed the Delaware River by the English.

Map credit: user Nikater,

Yet, the Lenape people have cared for this land and this watershed since time immemorial. Indeed, they are honored as the “grandfathers” or “ancient ones” by indigenous people across Turtle Island. And, to paraphrase the Rev Dr John Norwood of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Nation, [they] “are still here“–offering a living testimony, not just a historical memory.

I am, personally, grateful to Chief Bob Red Hawk, now Chief Emeritus of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, for all the ways he has taught me about caring for our histories, for the land, and for all our relations. Waneshi.

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Some Leaders of note in Lenapehocking:

Chief Mark Gould

Rev Dr John Norwood


Bob Red Hawk

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